Deidré Cerff - Agent Direct Sales

21 January 2019

I just want to thank you and your team for the assistance that you gave us in December to get these geyser claims settled in record time. It is truly appreciated. Kind Regards

Marilyn Mann - Electric Mann

19 November 2018

You chaps make my life a whole lot easier – thank you


22 October 2018

I am very thankful for what you ladies have done. Excellent service. Thanks for not having my pension fund written off! My daughter didn’t even recognize the bakkie. I had a smile I think right around my face

Peter Lomax - Wakefields

31 May 2018

Hi Janet, thank you so much for all your assistance. You guys have been amazing and Jocelyn and I are so grateful. Regards.

Louise Moore

17 November 2017

Good afternoon Gary, Thank you so much for going the extra mile, really appreciate it.

Debbie Smith

31 March 2017

Got a lovely surprise this morning as MUA have paid back my excess of R2500 and I just wanted to thank you so much for assisting with this. Fantastic service from you guys, thank you all so much. Best Regards

Friksehoekie Body Corporate

9 March 2017

Good afternoon Kathy. I am, of course, disappointed at being unable to obtain the necessary insurance cover. However, I would like to thank you and Gary Leech Insurance Brokers for all your kind assistance, the professional manner in which you attended to this matter, keeping me advised of developments and your advice. With kind regards
Maria Le Roux

AV Company

9 March 2017

Thanks Janet to you and Gary for all the help with this.
This accident nearly closed my business and I have been under so much pressure because of it, so thank you for finalizing.
Craig Browning

Gareth van Aardt

20 July 2016

Hi Janet
Hope you are well. Thank you for the great service regarding the seat. I really can never fault you guys.

Warner Beach Supermarket

21 April 2016

Thanks Gary, you’re a Star! Much appreciated. Best Regards,
Kevin. P.S Guess we set a new precedent?

Tommy Torok

Cargo & General Wharf Services cc
23 December 2015

Hi Kathy, Thank you.
I wish to thank you for all the assistance throughout this difficult year and without you guys, it would have been impossible.
So, have a fun-filled Xmas, family and friends and may 2016, be a year of love and peace.

Samantha Musk

12 December 2015

Thank you ever so kindly - Gary is blessed to have you and Janet on board. Always such amazing service!

Niren Lalla

11 December 2015

Hi, I would like to thank you for the assistance in resolving my matter at hand - Forget about the payment, however the fact that you guys tried to assist me which is awesome - Thanks - It’s a pleasure to have a business partner like you guys, I will be moving all my other businesses insurance on to your portfolio within the month and 1st quarter.

David Tedder

18 September 2015

Thank you for taking care of my insurance needs and for always making claims easy to deal with.

Tony Barber

28 August 2015

I am very impressed with the service I received, the Ford Figo went in on the Monday and I had it back by Wednesday, other panel beaters would probably have taken two weeks. Exceptional Service.

Gareth van Aardt

6 July 2015

Hi Kathy,
I would like to thank you, the service we as a family and business receive from Gary Leech is impeccable. My friends always
moan about insurance and the battle, it is not the same experience we have with you. Have a great weekend!

Melody de Robillard

25 June 2015

Thanks again, it was a treat to meet both you and Kathy and I thank you for listening to our tale of woe as I’m sure you do daily with all your customers. You ladies descend from Angels and make such a difference in difficult times like these.

Marilyn Mann

28 April 2015

Someone was singing the praises of another broker today but guess what!
When I started telling them about my broking firm, they shut up!

Tatum Campbell

12 March 2015

Good morning
I would just like to thank you for your excellent service in helping process my claim. It’s a stressful time when things get stolen and you made it as easy as it could be. I received my settlement this morning and I really appreciate your assistance.

Ryan Harford

12 March 2015

Thank you so much Janet and Gary Leech for the efficient service you guys are amazing

Raeesa Mohamed | Idube Safety

30 July 2014

Good morning Janet
Thanks to you and your team for the excellent job done with our claim.
Much appreciated

Marilyn Mann

24 May 2013

I have been dealing with Gary Leech Insurance Brokers for almost all our 24 years in business.  The service is friendly yet highly efficient.  Claims are attended to promptly and every effort is made to ease the trauma of a loss and make the claims’ procedure as painless as possible.

My son is an attorney and he is also very satisfied with Gary and his team.
I wouldn’t change brokers for the world.

Glenn Bubb

13 February 2013

Good Afternoon Janet,

These are service levels of a very, very high, first-world echelon. Something that most South Africans are not used to.
I have to admit, I am well and truly dumbstruck and speechless.
Perhaps this is a dream. And just perhaps, there might be a surprising catch at the end.

Truly amazing